Datsun 240z car
October 3, 2022
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Meet the Datsun 240z

A masterpiece of MZR Roadsports

MZR Roadsports

What happens when passion meets profession? You see miracles happening right in front of your eyes.


MZR Roadsports is a firm that operates in the automotive industry. The company has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. The founders of MZR Roadsports are passionate about restoring cars and bringing them back to life. What sets them apart is that the design engineers had the audacity and courage to re-imagine a famous Japanese car in the United Kingdom. 

Datsun 240z cars were a thing back in the 70s and they came from Japan. But the team of MZR Roadsports re-imagined it in the United Kingdom and gave it a modern and chic look. The aesthetic appeal of the car is on-point and nobody can tell it is a restored sports car. The company realises that every customer and car is different. And that’s why, the experts at MZR Roadsports have combined engineering, luxury, reliability, design, and practicality to restore a beautiful car. The experts at MZR Roadsports express themselves by transforming the car into something extraordinarily beautiful.


The 240z from the back

Understanding the Process of Restoring at MZR Roadsports


The process begins with sourcing the cars for the clients. The company only uses West Coast California cars because they have a solid base. You know you have made the best decision when the car goes back to bare metal condition. West Coast California is mostly rust-free as compared to other cars from different regions. The team does a full assessment of the car and sends it for stripping. Once the car is back in its bare condition, the experts are able to see it in its full ‘naked’ glory. MZR Roadsports finds it ideal to restore cars that have never been restored because that’s when they can do everything as per their specifications.  

Once the car is back, the team starts repairing the car and brings it back to life. That’s what Roadsports is all about ! Everything gets replaced and you get beauty as the end product. The car goes through several stages - stripping, repair, fabrication, and painting. When all the steps are complete, one can’t tell that a car was restored. It looks as good and polished as a new Ferrari.


A luxurious engine

MZR Roadsports Believes in Functionality, Comfort, and Perfection


Aesthetics matter to the company, but they also ensure that the seats are luxurious and comfortable. The team leaves no stone unturned to transform a car into something luxurious, practical, fast, comfortable, andgood-looking. Some of the classic cars like Datsun 240z had lost its charm, but MZR Roadsports brought back the masterpiece to the roads in a superior condition.  

When the company hands over the car to the new owner, they love the appreciation and happiness it brings. MZR Roadsports does not do a half-hearted job when they restore classic cars like the Datsun 240z. It’s a 70s sports car and to find it back on the roads with a modern touch - people get nostalgic and it brings a sense of fulfilment and victory. The identity of the car has not been compromised. Even the interiors are as luxurious as the exteriors. The 240z is a masterpiece of MZR Roadsports and it is continuing to woo sports car fanatics in the United Kingdom.

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