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September 6, 2022
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Noori: The Future of Ovens!

Noori, the ideal oven for conventionalists

Technological advancements have taken the world by storm, and by day all things are becoming sleeker and more advanced. Inthese quickly evolving times,  Noori isthe one thing conventionalists need. We are all aware of the electric ovens,but many of us crave the modern wood-fired ovens that hold the core of ourcultural values.


Apart from that, this oven can also top yourgrandmother's wishlist because what more do our grandparents want other thansomething that can make them feel grounded and at home in this fast-pacedworld?


Noori will not only be something that will helpthem reminisce about the ovens in their times but can also serve as a bondingactivity that the elder and younger generations can easily handle without muchconfusion and technicality in operating it.


But don’t mistake it as a product that elderscan only use because if you are a traditional person who believes that thecontemporary ovens do not hold the same magic as the traditional ones did,Noori is exactly the product you will be looking for.

Noori parts

Why we believe in this product

There are many reasons why Noori is unique asan oven, especially as a wooden-fire oven. And below, we have listed why itstands out amongst the other available ovens.

Noori Offers BetterSeasoning To Your Food

We recommend Noori ovens because, unlike thebulky conventional ovens, these are easily portable due to their sleek designthat offers a sleek design while staying true to their conventional nature.Pizza, vegetables, and barbeque cooked in these ovens will have a  better seasoning than those cooked inelectric ovens since the moisture content of coal are practically nonexistentand does not require seasoning.


Noori is EasilyTransportable

It also saves you a lot of storage space as itis smaller in size and easily. The modular design of the stove was created toeliminate the requirement for a large fixed form.


Instead, depending on the needs of a certaincircumstance, it can be simply moved, stored, and arranged. It has aheat-resistant refectory concrete body in the shape of a bullet, and anL-shaped enameled pipe at the base burns small-diameter wood while sending heatupward toward the grill. Which makes it compact and portable.


Noori is More Than Justa Pizza Oven

In addition, the Noori offers four practicalfeatures in a single item, which is even more significant. It serves as a pizzaoven, BBQ grill, fire pit, and rocket stove all at once, and switching betweenuses is quick and easy. Its construction is modeled after a typical rocketstove, which produces heat with a high degree of efficiency using less fuel.



Noori is soo much more than a conventionaloven; its designers took inspiration from traditional ovens and reinvented itas something that would fit more into today’s time.

It is exactly what we are looking for due toits ease of use, aesthetics, durability, and best user health experience thatan oven can offer.

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