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October 19, 2022
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The Kimera Evo 37

An iconic car back to life

Kimera Evo

The iconic car that was once the master of roads is back.

Kimera Evo automobile creation is the reimagined version of Lancia 37. Lancia was introduced in the 1980s and won the biggest Driver's Championship against powerful cars. Developed with a tubular steel front and rare frame. Its mid-rear 4-inclined cylinder charged up to 2.1 liters allows longitudinal space for more components.

Kimera comes up with a turbocharged engine and a power of 507 horses. Engineers have left nothing untouched and Custom build Kimera Evo by using the old version to utilize its full potential. Authentic Khmer Evo is quite similar to Ferrari, but some aspects of the car still give the original feel. Everything is desirable with its modern twist, charm, speed, and style.

The side of the Kimera Evo 37


The Kimera Evo shape is utterly the same as Lancia; while fiberglass was used in the original car's panel & EVO comes with a lighter carbon fiber body. The fiber body's purpose is to make the car more sustainable and lighter than before. Kimera weighs only 2200 pounds, while the original body weighs 2564 pounds.

The road-worthy car comes with modern elements, new LED headlights, taillights, and 18 inches wheel. The beautifully blended Red color of Kimera Evo gives it's exterior a more graceful look.


Kimera Queen is back with a charming design. The car moves perfectly around its axis due to its fast and direct steering wheel. The feather-light door frames with low sit show the perfection of this beautifully designed car. A minimal analog dashboard indicates the speed, oil pressure and other details.

The interior of Kimera Evo is incredibly designed by its owner. The prominent blue color gives the aesthetic & cool look.

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The Kimera Evo is powered by a turbocharged engine that produces 513 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque. Claudio Lombardi, Lancia's engineer, created the Torque Engine. The cylinder and turbocharger work together to provide great power at high revs and torque at low speeds. The powerful delivery engine speed may be available to the driver.

The big longitudinal location behind the chairs is quite pleasurable. Italtenica's 2.1-liter gasoline engine with manual cut transmission powers the Kimera Evo. The goal of connecting the compressor tube to a volumetric centrifugal compressor is to rediscover the ability to generate high power from a small displacement engine.

Car performance will remain high in all conditions, and the Torque needs to change gears at low revs & horsepower will develop the potential at high revs to go away progressively. This engine has become the best engine of B Group and has become a modern Tribute.

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People fell in love with this rigorous, detailed design, Lightweight, & small bits tweaked car. Kimera Evo maintained its charm, and its modern design gives it a graceful look. Engineers rediscover its unmistakable nature and shape, ennobled by technical & performance development.

Kimera's stylish car will be the possession of those who love sports or can afford the price tag to make their lifestyle necrotic. In the next era, when our world will be full electric cars, seeing cars like Kimera on the road will bring back memories of old monitoring of petrol burnings.

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